Perfect Pitch

Grow Your Business Through Media Training, Strategic Discussions and Appointments

The Perfect Pitch is a one-day biennial media training workshop dedicated to teaching you how to communicate with those who tell your stories. Build your network and hear from representatives like Great Lakes Publishing, Cleveland Magazine, Ohio Magazine, Akron Beacon Journal  WKYC-TV, WTVN 610 Podcast, and more. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, this one-day workshop gives you the training, networking and trends you need to be successful in getting your stories told.

Media Training for New and Seasoned Professionals

The world of media is changing daily, and with shrinking resources and social media driving content you see on the evening news, gaining earned media coverage is challenging; However, the importance of media and the value of third-party validation is only increasing. So how do you get the coverage you want for your tourism destination while minimizing the impact of negative stories? Learn how to have a better understanding of the media's role, how to identify newsworthy stories in the travel industry, how social media fits into the mix, and how to respond when a crisis occurs. 

Learn About Cutting-Edge Trends and Best Practices on Molding Media for Different Avenues of Communication

We'll give you the top tips on how to change one piece of media to fit many different pathways of communication. Struggling to turn that press release into a social media post, website update, or compelling article? This year's Perfect Pitch is one you won't want to miss.

Perfect Pitch

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