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Participating in the Ohio Tourism Leadership Academy is more than just learning about the Ohio travel economy and the role you play. It's also about strengthening your network with peers and existing leadership. During each session, we discuss critical regional and statewide issues with leaders from statewide public, private and nonprofit organizations. Learning occurs through panel discussions,  presentations, tours, written assignments and other activities designed to deepen your understanding of Ohio travel industry challenges and opportunities, as well as to inspire you to make a difference.   
The program consists of six classes with session locations taking place in the Greater Columbus area. Classes are held monthly from January through June. They begin at 10 am and conclude at 3 pm.
Class members have included those from attractions, museums, theme parks, DMOs, local government, state agencies, federal legislators, community development offices, restaurants, hotels and more. 

Applications for 2020 are now available. If you have any questions about the program, or if you want to make sure you are the very first to receive application notices, please contact Melinda Huntley at mhuntley@ohiotravel.org.

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Application deadline is December 13, 2019. No refunds will be accepted after January 1, 2020. Tuition cannot be transferred to another year. Subsitutions are permitted until the beginning of the first session.

2019 OTLA Group Projects

The 2019 OTLA Class group projects examined drivers with the potential to most impact the Ohio travel economy. We profiled these projects in eClips throughout the summer, but if you need a refresher, read more about their exciting work here:

Economic Conditions with Significant Potential Impact on the Tourism Industry

Virtualized Meetings and How They Could Transform the Travel Industry

Marketing & Advertising Transformation

Business Ethics in the Ohio Travel Economy

How Social Media & Next-Gen Professionals are Impacting the Future of Tourism

Addressing Diversity & Inclusion in the Travel Industry

Congratulations to the 2019 Ohio Tourism Leadership Academy Graduates 


OTLA 2019 Graduate

Amanda Smith Rasnick

Lake Erie Shores & Islands

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Jessica Fosco

Cedar Point

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Mary MacDonald

Ohio Craft Brewers Association

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Justin Hemminger

Ohio Craft Brewers Association

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Stephanie Dunham

Fayette County Travel & Tourism Bureau

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Heather Bokman

ODNR Division of Wildlife

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Sarah Gleason

Clermont County CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Haley LaBatt

Logan County Chamber

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Bryan McMahan

Great Lakes Publishing

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Melissa Sanders

Ashtabula County CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Destiny Bryson

Highland County CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Meg Berno

Dublin CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Abby Miller

Lake Erie Shores & Islands

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Lance Woodworth

Destination Toledo

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Michelle Ford

Experience Columbus

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Michael Boone Troyer

Athens County CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Adria Bergeron

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Becky Whittington

Visit Gahanna

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Erika Sheets

Lazy River at Granville

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Samantha Fangman

Butler County Visitors Bureau

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Kevin Young

Cincinnati USA CVB

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Jacob Masters

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Jandi Adams

Clary Gardens 

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Lori Bishop

Visit Grove City

OTLA 2019 Graduate

Dan Havener

City of Grove City



Questions about OTLA? Contact Beatrice Mitchell at beatrice@ohiotravel.org 


Otla And Membership

Otla 3

2020 Schedule

Jan. 15

Leadership and the Economy

Feb. 19

Tourism, Arts and Culture

March 11

Legislative Advocacy

April 15

Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation

May 13

Media and Communications

June 10

Historic Preservation and Heritage, Final Group Projects

October 2020  

Graduation During the Ohio Conference on Travel