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Updates 04/23/2021: Ohio's Travel Industry and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Travel Research Round-Up for this Week

What travelers are thinking, doing and needing changes constantly. To help you make sense of the research findings each week, the Ohio Travel Associations provides this one-page summary.

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Travel Sentiment Research


Key findings from Longwoods International Apr. 14-19: 

  • 87% of respondents said they have travel plans in the next six months.
  • Some activities travelers plan to participate in during summer include:
    • 57% said dine at a restaurant. 
    • 53% said go to relax or relocate at an ocean, lake, or river. 
    • 32% said participate in outdoor activities or adventures. 
    • 23% said visit an amusement park, theme park, or water park. 
    • 22% said visit a museum, art gallery, or other arts/cultural institution. 
  • COVID-19 still influences the decisions to travel in the next six months with 35% of respondents say it greatly impacts their decision and 13% saying it has no impact at all.
  • As for perceptions of safety:
    • 21% said they strongly support opening their community to visitors, 7% strongly disagree.
    • 20% feel very safe traveling outside their community, 5% feeling very unsafe. 
    • 24% feel very safe dining at a restaurant and shopping at retail stores, 7% feel very unsafe.
  • The vaccine also continues to impact when travelers plan to travel.
    • 33% said they will wait until they receive the vaccine to travel.
    • 34% said the vaccine has no impact on their travel plans.
    • 20% are waiting to travel until majority of people are vaccinated at the destination of interest.
    • 20% will wait to travel until majority of Americans are vaccinated.
    • 19% will wait to travel until their friends and family are vaccinated.
    • 17% will wait to travel until majority of their community is vaccinated.


Key findings from Destination Analysts fielded Apr. 16-18:

  • This week, 71.9% of American travelers say they are in a ready-to-travel mindset compared to 28.1% who are not ready to travel.
  • 63.4% are highly open to travel inspiration right now.
  • Three-quarters of American travelers did some travel planning and dreaming in the past week, with 16.4% actually making a reservation or booking.
    • 51.8% booked a hotel room.
    • 32% bought airline tickets.
    • 24.1% made rental car reservations.
    • 18.3% booked a home sharing service, like Airbnb.
    • 15.5% bought amusement park tickets.
    • 14.4% bought museum or attraction tickets.
    • 13.7% bought tickets to a sporting event.
  • More than 75% of respondents will take at least one trip in the next three months.
  • With more inspiration to travel right now, American travelers are showing a receptiveness to travel messing in a variety of channels.

Channels Americans are Most Receptive to Travel messaging

  • Highlights from graph:
    • Social media is most common for younger travelers.
    • TikTok is growing as a channel for travel influence with nearly a quarter of younger travelers saying it is ideal place to reach them.
    • Older travelers remain largely committed to Facebook.
    • Search engine marketing remains key for travel marketing, particularly to reach older travelers.
  • An important proportion of travelers are looking to print resources like travel and lifestyle magazines.
  • Americans have shown an increase in happiness when seeing their own communities advertised for tourism.
    • 50.4% said they would feel happy or very happy if they saw an ad promoting the area they live.
    • 17.4% said they would feel unhappy or very unhappy if they saw an ad promoting the area they live.
    • 39.5% said they aren’t ready for tourism in their community yet.
  • Two-thirds of Americans took a road trip during the pandemic.
    • The average number of road trips taken by Americans during the pandemic was 2.5.
    • 51% say their pandemic road trips have made travel by car more appealing.
    • 62% of pandemic road-trippers agree their experience has reminded them of how fun a road trip can be.
  • Business travel continues to recover slowly.
    • 56% of those employed by companies in which there is business travel say it has resumed, up from 48% from the week of March 7.
    • 47% of business travelers feel the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way their employer does business travel.
    • 52% of business travels said they hope not to travel as much as they did for work before the pandemic.

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