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Updates 03/19/2021: Ohio's Travel Industry and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Travel Research Round-Up for this Week

What travelers are thinking, doing and needing changes constantly. To help you make sense of the research findings each week, the Ohio Travel Associations provides this one-page summary.

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Travel Sentiment 


Key findings from Destination Analyst fielded Mar. 15: 

  • American travelers’ response to President Biden’s announcement of the vaccination vison for America was a record number saying that the COVID vaccines are safe, a record number of parents saying they will get their children vaccinated, and a record number saying they have planned a trip specifically in anticipation of vaccines.
  • As of Mar. 14:
    • 70.9% feel the COVID-19 vaccines are safe.
    • 42.9% have made travel plans specifically in anticipation of vaccines.
    • 61.9% have or definitely will take a COVID-19 vaccine.
    • 43.5% have felt jealousy of other who have been vaccinated.
  • Americans’ optimism about the course of the pandemic is up 40% since the start of the year with 60.3% feeling things will get better in the next month.
  • COVID continues to be top-of-mind and should not be discounted in travel messaging. 43.2% of spring break travelers said they are “very concerned” about contracting they virus on their trip.
  • Over 70% of American travelers dreamt of or planned travel in the past week.
  • 15.0% of American travelers said they made travel reservation and/or bookings in the last week, largely for hotels and airline tickets.
  • One-third of Americans traveling in the next three months will be visiting urban destinations.
  • 74.3% say safety still remains on top for them as they consider cities as a place to visit.
  • Americans are returning to a comfort with tourism closer to home. 52.1% now feel comfortable going out for leisure activities within their own community.

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