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ODOT Reopens Comment Period for Changes to Tourist-Oriented Directional Signage Program

Comments Must Be Submitted by Oct. 13

Every five years, ODOT reviews the Tourist-Oriented Directional Signage (TODs) program and proposes any new rules or recommendations for change. Most of the changes being recommended make it easier for Ohio businesses to participate or expand eligibility requirements. View all rule changes here. Some of the more notable proposed changes include the following:

  • Expands eligibility of businesses to promote through the TODs program to 15 miles instead of 10 miles. This should increase those businesses able to contract for directional signage.
  • Reduces the eligibility requirements from being open at least five days a week (including at least a Saturday or Sunday) and for a minimum of 40 hours per week to "the general motoring public and not operated on a reservations only, membership only or appointment only basis."  
  • Expands eligibility to those in the Business Logo program, as long as there isn't a Business Logo sign at the intersection being negotiated. 
  • Requires restaurants to serve as least two meals a day
  • Lessens the burden for campgrounds to participate in the program. Removed many subjective requirements (such as protected from natural hazards, dust-free access roads and proper drainage) to having "adequate parking" and "sanitary facilities and drinking water." This is in addition to compliance with licensing and inspections already in place.
  • Shortens the wait time for businesses to reply to any concerns regarding legality of existing signage in place before they are allowed to participate.  
  • No longer requires notarization of compliance with existing laws in order to participate. 

To comment, please send an email with your thoughts to the following:


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