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New iPhone X Expected to Shift Trends in Travel Industry

Augmented Reality and High Definition Features Will Shape Trends

Given the release of the newest iPhone X, available for pre-order in October, new trends are expected to emerge, influencing travel and technology. From mainstream augmented reality to enhanced mobile usability, new features are expected to be game changers for the travel industry. Learn the new features of the iPhone and how they are expected to shift marketing trends.

With nearly 80 percent of social media spent on mobile devices, and with travel decisions being made at the click of a phone, it becomes increasingly important to stay connected with emerging trends. That said, we have outlined new features of the iPhone X and what is expected to emerge for the travel industry:

Augmented Reality Will Become the New Norm

Augmented reality has been in the news many times this year, but this new technology was previously only available to businesses, not consumers. This capability, announced for the new iPhone, allows users to see digital images filtered over real time footage. These features may give travel marketers an opportunity to showcase guest information and location-specific images, overlays and content. Guided tours, enhanced imagery and virtual experiences may lead the way you interact with visitors at your destination. These features open limitless opportunities for sites.

Visual Selling Becomes Increasingly Important

The new phone features more than 2 million pixels, a 12-megapixel lens and zooming capabilities. Your content must be ready for high-definition, fast paced devices that display your marketing. Visually selling your destination becomes more important, as research shows mobile users focus more on imagery than text.

Mobile-Friendly Content is a Must

Mobile-friendly content is a must in the digital age. Travelers are booking their next trip after digesting Facebook articles, websites, Instagram posts and more, all on their phones. As technology like the iPhone X continues to evolve, travel-related content must parrot the demand.

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