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TIP Program

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Unique Experiences and Savings for the Ohio Travel Industry

What is the TIP Program?

TIP (Travel Industry Privileges) is the Ohio Travel Association’s NEW member-to-member discount program focused on experiences and perks that are only available to those in the Ohio travel industry. Help your industry peers get the inside TIP, discover the world in their own backyard and have fun while saving money! 

Who Is Eligible to Receive a TIP Discount?

OTA associate members in good standing who are employed in the Ohio travel industry.

Who is Eligible to Offer a TIP Discount?

  • The organization must be a member in good standing of the Ohio Travel Association.
  • Provide a unique member offer to associate members (employees) - discount or offer should be one that the associate member is not able to find elsewhere.
  • Participating organizations must inform all front-line staff of any offers and the process for fulfillment (TIP card or online).

What are the Benefits to Participating Businesses?

  • Participating TIP providers gain exposure through a strategic marketing plan that includes TIP promotion on, social media, events, and e-blast communications.
  • Along with providing unique savings to those in the Ohio travel industry, this innovative program also meets several key objectives, including tourism product awareness and a tangible benefit to assist employers with talent recruitment and retention.
  • The OTA brand and its logo are symbols of quality, trust, value, relevancy and reliability. A valuable aspect of becoming a TIP provider is being included in the collection of partners within the brand.
  • The satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are showing your appreciation for the workforce that supports the $42 billion travel industry in Ohio.

How Does It Work?

  • Associate members will be directed to the OTA web site, for all TIP discounts and promotions.
  • Each listing will indicate whether the offer is available online or if an associate member must use their participating TIP card upon purchase.
  • OTA TIP cards will be mailed to member organizations for use by their employees who are associate members of the Ohio Travel Association.
  • Participating businesses complete an agreement. Once approved, the discount becomes available to members. Participating businesses may opt out of the program by submitting a 30-day written notice.

Become a TIP Provider

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